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I am Kelly Vizzini, owner and operator of Dream Pet Care serving northern Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix. My role as your trusted pet sitter is being your pet's valued concierge! I spend quality time with your animal family in your home. Whether for an hour, a day or an overnight stay, I am there to look out for your pet's best interests. I love, nurture and care for your pet providing present one-on-one connection in a manner he or she likes best!

What I Do for You


In-home visits keep your animal friends in their own environment where the sights and sounds are normal. For an hour, a day or overnight, they get to stay together, play, eat and sleep. 


Gentle, loving energy assists with calming separation anxiety, recovery from a loss of a human or animal companion, moving anxieties and is an integrative healing technique. 



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