Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality!
Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality! 

Why Dream Pet Care?

Bruce, a canine friend Bruce


5 Pet Connection Attributes:


  • Being present with your pet
  • Giving individualized and focused attention to your friend(s)
  • Offering patience, love and understanding in how each individual pet learns to trust and build a relationship with me and I with them
  • Sharing knowledge and stories
  • Providing therapy services such as Reiki, music therapy and brushing



5 Benefits For Your Animals:

  • Secure experience knowing they are staying in their own familiar environment meaning your trip away is less traumatic and stressful for them
  • Your animal companion(s) receive one-on-one connection, love and care
  • Free Meet & Greet sessions allow your animal family to geto know who I am first hand in your presence which allows them to be more at ease 
  • Their schedule is followed to the best of my ability decreasing unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • I create a strong and loving bond with each pet


4 Benefits for You:

  • I will be the one who makes the in-home visits during your time away so your pets will be seeing who they met during the Meet and Greet                                                                                                    
  • No Charge for watering of houseplants, picking up mail and newspapers; putting garbage and recycling bins out and in as these services are all included in your visits
  • Lighting and window blinds or drapes can be altered as the day progresses providing that "lived in" look keeping your home secure
  • Visit updates with pictures are sent via email (or text if desired)

Associations and Certificates

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Dream Pet Care LLC

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Serving Northern Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix for pet sitting.

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