Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality!
Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality! 

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Are you licensed and insured?


Yes! Dream Pet Care, LLC is licensed as a business with the State of Arizona since 2016 and renews annually. It is insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates. Dream Pet Care is a member of the Arizona Professional Pet Sitters and Associates group.


What is Dream Pet Care’s service territory?


Glendale: 85308 and 85310

Peoria: 85382 and 85383 (east of North Lake Pleasant Parkway)

North Phoenix north of Bell Road: 85027, 85050 (west of I-51). 85053 and 85083


How do I start the process for becoming a Dream Pet Care client?


  1. You will begin by completing the Dream Pet Care Signup Form so that Kelly (owner and operator) can understand your pet sitting and/or Reiki needs.
  2. Kelly will respond to your request and the information submitted within 24 hours via text or email with whether there is availability on her schedule for the dates requested, if additional information is required or anything else.
  3. A free account will be created for you on the Dream Pet Care client portal site for easy scheduling, payments and messaging. An email will be sent to you with an invitation code to login to your account, create a password and fill in any key pet sitting information about your home, vet and pet(s).
  4. Next, a complimentary Meet and Greet will be scheduled during which you can determine if Dream Pet Care is a fit for your family and Kelly can identify whether your family is a match for her. It also allows your pet(s) to meet Kelly in your presence and be a part of the process. If all works, a client contract is signed, the vet release form is signed, keys are received or access determined as well as your pet(s) schedules, feeding and any other questions can be addressed.
  5. After the Meet and Greet, you can request your pet sitting visits via your account on the Dream Pet Care client portal. Please note that the visits are not confirmed until you receive a reply from Dream Pet Care that your requested dates and times are accepted and on Kelly’s schedule.
  6. Following each pet visit (or the day’s visits) as determined in advance, a daily journal or text with notes and pictures is sent to you via the client portal.

My pet is not social, do you offer shorter visits?


Each pet sitting visit is a minimum of 45 minutes. I have learned that with love, patience and time even the most reserved or introverted pet will eventually allow themselves to be seen and begin to build upon the layers of trust to connect in their own unique way. During the visit, I will take care of any food needs and other essential tasks as well as offer your pet(s) companionship, music or Reiki if they choose.


What holidays is Dream Pet Care available?


Dream Pet Care is available for these major holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.


Does Dream Pet Care do injections and shots? 


Dream Pet Care currently does not provide injections and shots to pets for medical situations.


Do you take deposits for larger or holiday pet sittings?


Yes! There is a 25% deposit of the total amount due at the time of scheduling your over 5 day pet sittings and/or all holiday pet sittings. The remaining total must be paid before the beginning of the pet sitting assignment.


What is the cancellation policy?


For vacation and holiday pet sittings:


Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the visits will be charged a 50% cancellation fee of the original total amount.


Recurring Daily Services, cancellations received


24 hours prior of the next scheduled visit will receive a full credit to your account that will be applied to your next pet sitting.

Less than 24 hours in advance will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% credited to your account that will be applied to your next pet sitting. 


For cancellations of the ongoing contract, 7 days notice is required in writing. If Client does not give seven (7) days' notice, Client agrees to compensate Dream Pet Care for the equivalency of one week of regular pet sitting / dog walking services.


What is the history of Dream Pet Care?


Dream Pet Care, LLC was founded in 2016 by Kelly Vizzini. Kelly’s outlook for Dream Pet Care is to provide professional, reliable and loving in-home pet care to those pets who do better in their own homes where they can be surrounded by their animal family members as well as sights, scents and sounds that are familiar to them. She believes in providing longer visits as the standard so that each pet is met where they are and through love, patience and quality time they can create a wonderful relationship built on layers of trust.


Do you need more information?


Please feel free to text Kelly at 602-418-4675.

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