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Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality! 

What customers say

Here's what people are saying about Kelly's Animal Reiki sessions:

Snickers the Kitty (Snickers)

“Our cat Snickers had always been a nervous soul, literally from the time we brought him home from the rescue shelter.  Painfully shy around newcomers, frightened of sudden movements and sounds, and all too willing to disappear for days or weeks on end.   For the first two years of his life with us, he was a veritable case of feline PTSD. 


That changed two summers ago after undergoing Reiki with my sister Kelly, who was visiting us at the time.  The first time Kelly administered Reiki, Snickers immediately took notice and began to rub up against her and purr.  A little unexpected, to be sure, but a reaction nonetheless.  Far more surprising was Snickers’ behavior after subsequent sessions.  For starters, Snickers, or Mr. Fraidy Cat as we knew him, gravitated toward Kelly.  He sat beside her, on her lap, in her bed, etc.—a complete departure from his normal habits.  He also decided that he apparently liked to be in the midst of people and/or other pets, as opposed to hiding, his former M.O. 


For the first several weeks after Kelly’s visit, Snickers stayed home, often lying on or next to folks, greeting guests at the door, and, essentially, behaving like the polar opposite of the neurotic kitty we had known from the time he was a kitten.  Even six to nine months later, he remained far more calm than at any previous time and, while he would still venture outdoors, he invariably returned within a day (a sharp contrast with previous disappearances that lasted weeks, involved daily calls to Animal Control officers, etc.) 


This Fall, nearly two years after Kelly’s last Reiki session with him, Snickers disappeared for several weeks—the first time since his introduction to Reiki.  That aside, he remains to this day one of our most friendly and loving cats, and a sharp contrast with the cat he had been before discovering the wonders of Reiki."

Bryan V. (Texas)

Tanner the Sheltie (Kelly ready to work on Tanner.)

"Just wanted to thank u so much for your session with my dog Saturday. I just got done playing with her. She is behaving so puppy like and brings me much joy to see her feeling so awesome. She also climbed the 3 steps up to my kitchen all by herself tonight which she hasn't been able to do without assistance! It is like I got my pup back."

Tanner's Mom (Arizona)

Tanner (age 15)


Buddy and Pebbles Buddy and Pebbles

Buddy was a recent rescue that had abandonment issues. He had the bad habit of barking the whole time we were away from the house and he passed this on to my other dog. Neighbors left messages on our door with complaints of our dogs barking all day, so my boyfriend installed a camera in our backyard so we witnessed the barking ourselves.


I talked with Kelly about this and she came over and had her session with both dogs. Kelly had a calming effect when interacting with my dogs. They responded well to her and even my timid dog gravitated to her and seemed comfortable with Kelly during her session. Kelly's session with Buddy and Pebbles resulted in the dogs displaying calmer behavior when we were not at home.


 – Tammy J. (Arizona)

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