Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality!
Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality! 

Remote (or Hands-off) Reiki Services

Dream Pet Care provides exceptional care with lots of love for your animal family members. All of my services are personalized to meet your individual needs.

The Remote Hands and Paws Reiki service is for your human and animal family members to receive healing together. I will send up to an hour of focused intentional Reiki daily. 

Changes in the household members, job anxiety, changes in the way we do things and health issues can affect your animal family members as well as you. Animals are happiest and most balanced when we are. They often feel our human anxieties, emotions and related health symptoms. Animals experience the human responses of anger, frustration, fear, sadness and worry as a dense and heavy energy whereas joy, play and love are light and airy. 

In addition, our animal friends:

  • Experience grief and loss similarly to us
  • Can show signs of anxiousness in their behavior when changes occur to their routine 
  • May have separation anxiety whether from you going away or from someone moving out
  • Often want to help us with whatever we are going through and will even take it on as their own

If this is something you feel guided to, let me know who will be receiving in your family (people and pets) and what the general situation is. I will set up a time to connect in energetically with your family members to share the Reiki energy for the highest and best good of all. You do not need to do anything other than be open to receive. Over the course of the three or five days, you may notice your pets drinking more water, hungrier or even sneezing. They, just like us convert energy differently. It is important that you drink more water just as you would if receiving a massage as it helps the body process and move stuck energy.

Investment: $33 for 3 Days in a row - or - $50 for 5 Days in a row

Payment is made in advance by either PayPal to Dream Pet Care or via Venmo.


As a Reiki/energy healing practitioner, I do not diagnose.
Reiki is not a substitute for professional veterinary care or professional medical care.
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