Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality!
Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality! 

Pet Services 

Standard Visit is for 45-60 minutes with your pet(s). This can include taking your dog for a walk (when Arizona temperatures are below 90 degrees), play time or just hanging out together, loads of love, being fed and Reiki* and music therapy using Wholetones music** (if your animal friend chooses to receive it).


Overnight Stays are 10 to 12 hours in your home with your pets. There are no additional fees for more than one pet.


*Reiki means universal energy. It is a natural healing technique that assists in allowing a human or animal to relax by which allowing the body to calm and reduce stress aiding in the mind-body-spirit healing process. In animals, it helps in decreasing separation anxieties, overcoming loss or trauma, supporting other therapies or healing processes and aids in an easier transition for new animal buddies becoming a part of your existing animal family.

**Music therapy, using the Wholetones frequencies music, can benefit your pets working on a physical and emotional level to assist with what is occurring beneath the surface. The Wholetones music goes beyond helping them remain in a calm state to fostering trust, openness and willingness to connect while building confidence. I  have been working with the Wholetones music since 2018 and have seen some amazing results

Service Prices

  • Meet and Greet:                          Free
  • Standard Visit:                            $20 per hour
  • Overnight Stay:                            $60 per night

All Standard Visits and Overnight Stays include:

  • feeding, fresh water and treats (as permitted)
  • daily journal of how your pets are doing  with pictures 
  • play and/or walk time
  • loads of love, petting and belly rubs
  • Reiki* and music therapy using Wholetones**
  • litter box cleanup

 Home Tasks Included:

  • security check (of windows and doors)
  • mail/newspaper pickup
  • trash/recycle bins out/in
  • drapes/lights adjusted
  • water plants (as necessary)

Learn about the Cancellation Policy

Service Area

North Glendale            North Peoria              North Phoenix  
85308 85382 85027
85310 85383 85053
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