Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality!
Dream Pet Care, where your pet's dreams become a reality! 

Relationship Building and Benefits

Relationship building with your animal companion starts with the Ubuntu philosophy of "I am who I am, because of who we all are." The understanding that we are all one regardless of what type of living being we are. From the movie, Avatar, "I see you" is the short phrase for "I see the love, I see your feelings, I see your soul and you mean everything to me" which describes my style of getting to know and understand each pet.


We are all different: we connect, interact and trust in unique ways. By letting them know that I see them, I am opening the door to share that I am willing to give them the time, patience and love to build a relationship and move us into the layers of trust. This is the foundation through which all deep connection, play, walks and understanding takes place. And in doing so, we together create a space that is safe, empowering, open and loving of one another.


Bruce, a canine friend Bruce


5 Pet Connection Attributes:


  • Being present with your pet
  • Giving individualized and focused attention to your friend(s)
  • Serving up his or her favorite meal or treat
  • Sharing knowledge and stories
  • Providing therapy services such as Reiki, music therapy and brushing



5 Benefits For Your Animals:

  • Secure experience knowing they are staying in their own familiar environment meaning your trip away is less traumatic and stressful for them
  • Your animal companion(s) receive one-on-one connection, love and care
  • Free Meet & Greet sessions allow your animal family to geto know who I am first hand in your presence which allows them to be more at ease 
  • Their schedule is followed to the best of my ability decreasing unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • I create a strong and loving bond with each pet


4 Benefits for You:

  • I will be the one who makes the in-home visits during your time away so your pets will be seeing who they met during the Meet and Greet                                                                                                    
  • No Charge for watering of houseplants, picking up mail and newspapers; putting garbage and recycling bins out and in as these services are all included in your visits
  • Lighting and window blinds or drapes can be altered as the day progresses providing that "lived in" look keeping your home secure
  • Visit updates with pictures are sent via email (or text if desired)

Associations and Certificates

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